Portable Jug Holder Stands

Manufacturing Details

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] 2" black powder coated steel tube for unparalleled strength & stability - superior to cast iron, which is soft & brittle
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Jug holding plate is bolted to tube for easy change of accessory plates
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Universal openings in jug holding stand accommodate a variety of fastening methods (if desired)
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Configurable with:

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] 18" steel triangle base

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Easy three-piece construction for quick assembly
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Oak Street uses short bolts to screw into an anchor plate to secure base to tube - this is a much improved method than competitors, which use a long rod that torques & stretches when force is applied - making the base permanently loose from the tube
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Part Number: PJHS-18-TRIANGLE
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] F.O.B. Monticello, IA

Shipping Information

Each piece of the unassembled product ships up to 5 pieces per box (1 box = 5 tubes,
1 box = 5 triangle bases, 1 box = 5 jug holder plates). This is to keep like sizes of product together to prevent damage in shipping.

Jug Holder Stand with triangular steel base and 2in tube front angle

Jug Holder Stand zoomed front angle gradient bottom

Jug Holder Stand zoomed top angle

Jug Holder Stand with steel triangle base and 2in tube front angle with dispenser

Jug Holder Stand zoomed side angle