Flat Tech Equalizers

Manufacturing Details:

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Reinforced levelors that house a stainless steel thread and hydraulic stablization technology
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Easily installs without Tools
• Replace Feet
• Stabilize and Lock
• Align Table Tops
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] 1/4 x 20 thread size
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] 49 mm (1.9 inches) in height including thread. Once screwed into the base, the average compressed height is 37 mm (1.45 inches)
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Fits all Oak Street Manufacturing bases
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Ideal for use on uneven indoor AND outdoor surfaces
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Sold in box of 4
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  F.O.B Iowa & North Carolina

Product Code: FLATTECH