48″ Wide Waitress Stations

Manufacturing Details

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Available in black, oak or cherry finishes
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Overall height: 43.5"
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Dimensions: 24.5" W x 27" D x 39.25" (height to surface)
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  3" toekick
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  For product safety, Oak Street Manufacturing does not recommend shipping this item via ground shipment
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Ship unassembled - $263 list price upcharge for assembly prior to shipping
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Assembled Units Available in Iowa Only

Part Number

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  M8220-BLK-Unassembled - BLACK
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  M8220-BLK-Assembled - BLACK
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  M8220-OAK-Unassembled - OAK
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  M8220-OAK-Assembled - OAK
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  M8220-CH-Unassembled - CHERRY
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  M8220-CH-Assembled - CHERRY