Bullseye Clear Coat Dining Chair

Manufacturing Details

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Premium clear coat finish: this product may develop slight discoloration over time, which is a normal occurance of this type of finish
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] 1.2 mm steel frame
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] 1-1/4” steel tubing
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] 100% welded frame
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Birch plywood back
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Two leg supports
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Non-marring poly glides
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Seat ships unattached - simple seat attachment is required
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Vinyl seat options: Black, Buckskin, Espresso, Red and Wine
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Wood back and seat options: Natural, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut and Black
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Custom powder coat available for upcharge
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Custom vinyl or upholstered seat available for upcharge
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Dining chair weight: 17 lbs.
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] Frame load capacity of 300 lbs.
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  F.O.B. Iowa


Vinyl Models:

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-BLK Black Vinyl Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-BUC Buckskin Vinyl Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-ESP Espresso Vinyl Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-RED Red Vinyl Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-WINE Wine Vinyl Seat

DIMENSIONS: 17” D x 18” W x 1.5” H

Wood Models:

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-N Natural Wood Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-M Mahogany Wood Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-C Cherry Wood Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-WA Walnut Wood Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150CCS-B-WB Black Wood Seat
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"] SL2150-B-FRAME ONLY Frame Only, No Seat

DIMENSIONS: 17” D x 18” W x 1” H