Purchasing Information

Purchasing Information

Oak Street Manufacturing has been manufacturing and distributing restaurant furnishings since 1995. Many of our items are in stock for immediate shipment. Oak Street Manufacturing believes in offering quality solutions at affordable prices. Customers will never listen to automated attendants and always receive an acknowledgement of orders within 24 hours.

Oak Street Manufacturing is not a direct seller.  We only sell to dealers. If you need assistance locating a dealer in your area, please let us know and we will be happy to refer you to your local dealers.

** Please call Oak Street Manufacturing at 877-465-4344 and 319-465-4042 or visit our contact page and email directly.

Thank you for this opportunity to earn your business!

Corporate Headquarters Staff

We do our best to ensure all pricing is current and correct, but urge our customers to check AutoQuotes with pricing concerns.

Cindy Bagge | President

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DJ Topping | Marketing Manager

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Nicky Spahr | Administrator

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Trish Avenarius | Account Manager

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Aaron Shoop | Account Manager

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Tony Burgmeier | Account Manager/Design

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Tom Bagge | CEO

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Nate Roe | Manufacturing Engineer

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Lisa Sperfslage | Freight Department

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Jacob Thompson | Account Manager

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Holly Loomis-Stading | Account Manager

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Gary Langel | Account Manager/Design

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Brenda Wennekamp | Controller

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Gary Holland | Production Manager

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Taylor Ray | Freight Department

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Nikki Hughes | Account Manager

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Beth Steuri | Account Manager

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