Table Capacity Calculator


These calculations are based on 12 square feet per customer - which is common spacing for most full-service dining establishments. Other service types allocate spacing per guest differently:

  • Fine dining: 18-20 square feet per guest
  • Counter service: 18-20 square feet per guest
  • Fast food dining: 11-14 square feet per guest
  • School lunchroom/cafeteria: 9-12 square feet per guest
  • Banquet room: 10-11 square feet per guest

When calculating square footage of an empty building, a typical restaurant's dining area, bar, restroom and waiting area account for approximately 60% of the total square footage. The remaining 40% is the kitchen, food prep and storage areas. Therefore, the square footage to enter in the calculator should subtract any space where tables & chairs cannot occupy.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your local regulations and building code. You'll need to know what the maximum amount of people you're allowed to have in the restaurant at one time, as well as fire lanes, etc. This resource is not a substitute for any state, local, territorial or tribal laws, rules, codes and regulations with which businesses must comply.