Freight Information

Please utilize the following Freight Information as a guideline for the freight process when ordering with Oak Street Manufacturing. Should any issues or concerns arise, please contact your Oak Street Manufacturing Account Manager by email, by phone at (877) 465-4344, or by our contact us page.


If a delivery date is not scheduled for your order, you must accept the shipment when the delivery truck arrives. Failure to accept the shipment will result in additional storage, reconsignment, and/or return shipping fees that will be billed back to you.

Liftgate Service

  • If liftgate service is needed, you must specify it at time of order.
  • If liftgate service is requested, you will be charged for liftgate service regardless if it's utilized or not

How to Properly Accept Freight Shipments

Rights & Responsibilities

  • It is your right & responsibility to inspect your order at time of delivery.
  • It is your right & responsibility to note & describe damage on the BOL (Bill of Lading).
  • It is your right & responsibility to also require the driver to sign the BOL that indicates damage.
  • It is your right to refuse an entire shipment if damage is discovered (if desired).
  • It is your responsibility to take care of all trash items associated with your shipment, i.e. pallets, banding, shrink wrap, etc. It is not the driver's responsibility to take care of the trash items & does not have to take those items with them.
  • It is your responsibility to unload your shipment from the end of the driver's truck. It is the driver's responsibility to get your shipment to the end of the truck. It is not the responsibility of the driver to take your shipment off the truck.

Inspecting & Documenting Damage

It is important, in the event of an issue, to carefully follow the instructions below to ensure that your shipping claim can be resolved:

  • All freight companies are required to allow you up to 15-30 minutes to inspect your delivery for damage or missing parts. This means you should make a complete inspection of your shipment to check for dents, cracks or broken parts. We highly recommend opening each box regardless of how it looks to inspect for damage that may not be obvious.
  • In the event that your order is damaged (major or minor), it should be noted by writing the word "DAMAGED" on both the driver copy and your copy of the BOL (Bill of Lading), along with a description of the damage. Items missing from your order need to be written down as "ORDER INCOMPLETE".
  • It is critical that the driver also sign & initial both copies of the BOL if any damage is present. By noting damage on the driver's copy, this ensures there is written proof damage was noted at the time of shipping. By having the driver sign your copy, this ensures that you have proof the driver signed in your presence.
  • Oak Street Manufacturing will assist as best we can in damage claims, but cannot be liable for any shipments that were accepted without a notation of damage on the shipping receipt. Be sure to keep a copy of the receipt, as this will be vital in processing a shipping claim. Photographs of the damage are extremely helpful as well to ensure successful processing of your claim. Any and all information regarding shipping damage should be sent immediately to your Oak Street Manufacturing Account Manager so that we may assist you.
  • Failure to properly report damage will release Oak Street Manufacturing from all liability regarding shipping damage, so please document & inform us as soon as possible by telephone and/or email.