Courtesy Charge Outlet

Courtesy charge outlet

Enhance guest experience by installing power outlets with USB ports in the toekick of your booth!

The “Courtesy Charge” – a modern day necessity in this mobile friendly world to attract AND retain customers!!

A Connected Customer…

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Is grateful for fulfilling a persistent and sometimes urgent need
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Will stay longer and visit more often
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Uses social media to post about your business and to tell friends!

Designed for the Hospitality Industry

Upgrade any booth style or configuration with a Courtesy Charge outlet. This small investment will set you apart from the competition and help give your customers peace of mind.
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  1. Standard duplex outlet
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  2 standard USB ports
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Green LED indicator light for USB power availability

Customer is responsible for:

[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Running 110V electricity to outlet
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  USD charging capacity of 3A @ 5 VDC
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Outlet to be placed 12” from outside booth edge
[fa icon="fa-check-circle-o"]  Customer to specify left or right hand placement as if sitting on booth