3mm PVC Edge Table Tops

3mm PVC Edge Table Tops are a recently updated product for Oak Street Manufacturing with the addition of 8 in-house laminates with matching PVC edge. These table tops will be available for standard pricing, just like our solid color 3mm PVC edge options with standard PinnacleFormica laminates. These table tops bring back the look of self-edge table tops with added durability of the 3mm PVC edge.

Manufacturing Details

  • 1-1/4” thick, 45 lb industrial grade particle board core with high-pressure laminate top
  • Edged with durable 3mm PVC
  • Product guide list pricing based on standard Pinnacle and Formica series -58 & -43 laminates
  • In-house laminate options with matching 3mm edge are: Natural Maple, Planked Deluxe Pear, Black Walnut, Elemental Concrete, Prestige Walnut, White Ash, Planked Urban Oak & Storm Teakwood
  • In-house solid color 3mm edge includes: White, Taupe, Smoke, Nubian Brown & Black
  • Custom matching colors & matching edges available for an upcharge
  • For indoor use only
  • All tops boxed

Additional Information

  • Non-stock sizes carry a $151 list price setup fee per size
  • Orders with less than 4 tops incur a $105 list price small order fee
  • Pre-drilled tops for Oak Street bases available for $19 list price per table

Our partners at Pinnacle, WilsonArt & Formica are regularly updating their lists of available high-pressure laminates. Contact us today to work with you to find your prefect table top combinations!

3mm PVC edge table tops grouped

Top to bottom: Pinnacle C 462 MR Mocha Marble (Brown edge), Pinnacle C 540 SF Ivory Twist (Taupe edge), Pinnacle T 461 CC Turquoise Fiber (Gray edge), Pinnacle C 544 SF Balinese Oak (Brown edge), Pinnacle C 643 SF Vintage Pine (Black edge)


Black 3MM edge corner zoomed


Gray 3MM edge corner zoomed

Nubian Brown:

Brown 3MM edge corner zoomed


Taupe 3MM edge corner zoomed


White 3MM edge corner zoomed

Black 3mm edge

Smoke Grey 3mm edge

Nubian Brown 3mm edge

Taupe 3mm edge

White 3mm edge